In Memory of

GLD DB GD CH RATCHASIMA (Aust) Gi-Gi Moon Dancer (Gi-gi)
DOB: 30th April 2002
Died: 2nd January 2021

Gi-gi (left), Seni (middle) & relaxing together (right)

The beautiful Gi-gi

Gi-Gi was bred by Elaine Vincent of Ratchasima Korats. She was and elegant and well-proportioned girl with a sweet expression and a very short and silky coat. Gi-Gi had five litters of kittens and was a wonderful mother with her own kittens as well others including our little rescue kitty Lucky Star. She also had a very successful show career winning many awards including runner up Best Shorthair Female at the Sydney Royal Easter show 2004, and Best Group 3 Female (Ring 2) at the St George Show 2005. Gi-Gi was retired from breeding and showing in 2007 and together with her offspring Seni, she lived a long and happy life with her new adoptive family, Andrew and Anya, and later their two sons. She was much loved by her adoptive family and they all miss her, especially Seni.

In Memory of

CCCA CH & GLD DB GD CH Doklao Blu Thao Surinari (Suri)
DOB: 15th June 2009
Died: 26th September 2018

Our princess Suri

Suri was named after a famous Thai princess from Korat. She was our special and beautiful princess. Suri died suddenly from a blood clot and
has left a big hole in our hearts. Suri was as an excellent mother and has raised many litters of kittens during her time as a breeding queen. “Izzy”and “Dixie” are her two lovely daughters that will continue the Doklao line. Suri had a very successful show career enjoying all the attention from judges and the public. She enjoyed being photographed and was a good ‘cat walk’ model for the 2013, 2014 2015, 2016 and 2017 Cat Calendars and Diaries produced by Universal magazines. Suri and her mother Tia were inseparable and Tia misses her buddy. You left us with beautiful memories to be treasured forever.


Suri with her Mum, and best friend, Tia

In Memory of

GD DB GD CH DOKLAO Chintina Blu Rose
DOB: 27th March 2003
Died: 31st March 2018

Rosie &Wiggy (left) and Rosie with Kevin (right)

Rosie (left) & Wiggy (middle) & relaxing together (right)

Rosie was the daughter of GD DB GD CH Doklao Bella Blu from a litter of seven. She was a beautiful Korat girl who was retired from breeding and showing in 2008 after distinguished career in both. Rosie and her daughter Wiggy were adopted by Bernie and Kevin and lived in Bungendore for many years. They had a happy and relaxed life with their adopted family and Rosie was especially fond of Kevin. They all miss Rosie very much, especially her daughter, Wiggy.

In Memory of

BZ DB GD CH and US CH Pewterpaws Yindee Sumatra (Imp USA)

DOB: 25th May 2000
Died: 27th September 2016

The handsome 'Mr Yindee'

Yindee came to us in 2002 from Professor Bill Gustafson, Nebraska, USA, as part of a line exchange to introduce new blood lines into our Korat gene pool. He was a regal and charming boy with a gentle disposition. He has sired some beautiful kittens, including Doklao Chintina Blu Rose, Doklao Kobalt Quinn, a stud and show Korat, who travelled to Europe in 2012 and now resides with Josiane Massart, a Korat breeder in France Also Doklao Blu Ma Phra Toranee, known as ‘Ranee, owned by Joy Marshall of BluMaew Korats and most recently Doklao Blu Emiko, his last kitten born in 2015.

Yindee passed peacefully over the rainbow bridge after a short illness from age related problems. We hope that he is meeting up with old friends and chasing butterflies. We have many good memories of Yindee’s time with us and his spirit will continue to live on in his many offspring. Goodbye old boy, it’s been a privilege knowing you.

In Memory of

Doklao Manee (Sirikit)

DOB:  10th April 1999 

DIED: 6th March 2016

Sirikit was a feline Tardis : her diminutive frame contained a huge personality, intelligence, heart and voice.  As a singer I envied the strength of her vocal cords! When she was young she was a terrific fetcher, flying down carpeted stairs to catch coiled pipe cleaners which she would then deposit on our feet.

She adapted perfectly to our many moves, though objected to all car trips.  She always hated the vacuum cleaner and the ironing board and storms, and would come to tell me if there was a fly on her meat.  She had many friends and admirers, and will always be missed.

In Memory of

Doklao Tybalt

DOB:  23rd April 2015 

DIED: 7th May 2015

This sweet little boy was only with us for a very short period of time. We did everything we could to give him the best chance, but sadly, it wasn't enough to keep a hold of him. He fought hard to stay at first, but it all became too much and sometimes we just have to accept that mother nature isn't fair.  It is the most heartbraking aspect of being a breeder. Farewell and rest in peace, little one.

In Memory of

Sawadas Micky Finn (Micky)

DOB:  12th May 1996 

DIED: 3rd March 2014


Micky was a wonderful and gentle boy who had a way with the girls. He had been with us since 2002 and was an important part of our breeding program. In the last 6 months of his life Micky developed diabetes and had to have injections of insulin twice a day.  He was very good about it and never complained. Sadly at nearly 18 years of age it all became too much for him and we gave him peace.

In Memory of

GLD DB GD CH Doklao Blueberry Ash (Ash)

DOB:  26th March 2009

DIED: 2nd February 2012

Ash was our first Doklao stud boy. He had grown into a well built, strong and muscular male Korat. Ash was 'larger than life',  loved by everyone and was an amazingly sweet tempered boy. He was very friendly and engaging and curious about everything and everyone. The girls, especially Suri and Yoyo, adored him and loved to spend time with him. Those (both cat and human alike) who met him and came to know him, will remember him and all his special charms. On the show bench Ash was awarded quite a few top five placings and became well known for his vocal chords!
Ash was taken from us far too soon and under very tragic circumstances. He is survived by 35 beautiful offspring who we hope will go on to live long and happy lives. Ash will always have a special place in our hearts and we miss him terribly...


In Memory of

GLD DB GD CH Doklao Bella Blu (Bella)

DOB: 7th March 1997

DIED: 19th February 2009

Bella was our first Doklao queen and she retired from showing and breeding in 2005. She was an excellent and caring mother having eight litters of kittens between 1998 - 2005. In her ‘spay’ years she remained the clan matriarch and a bit of a warrior princess. Bella had an opinion about everything and everyone and loved to be the centre of attention. She was a striking and beautiful cat with prominent green eyes and beautiful Korat expression. Bella won many awards at cat shows including Best Group Three Female (Ring 3) at the CCCA National Show 2001. She has been featured on TV and in magazines. Bella’s life was tragically cut short by cancer. She now lies in our garden and we will miss her always.

In Memory of

DOB: 4th September 1992

DIED: 1st November 2004

Zoe was our foundation queen and in the years 1994 - 2002 she had eight litters of kittens and gave us our beautiful queen Gd DB GD CH Doklao Bella Blu. Zoe's kittens introduced many people to the wonderful world of Korat companionship and we have made many friends in the process. Some of Zoe's offspring have also won awards and titles at cat shows and for this she was awarded a Certificate of Distinguished Merit by the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. We continue to miss Zoe’s calm presence in our lives but we know that her legacy lives on through her offspring both in Australia and abroad.


2002 - 2016 Avril Hodge

In Memoriam