Bella's Kittens (her final litter)

This litter of kittens were born on the 16th February, 2005 to

Doklao Bella Blu and Pewterpaws Blue Yindee Sumatra.

Bella & Yindee's Kittens (at 10.5 weeks old) were awarded
Best Group 3 litter, Ring 1 & 2 at the
Siamese and Shorthaired Cat Club Inc. 49th Championship Show
held on 30 April 2005 at the Forestville Memorial Hall,
Forestville, Sydney.

Names of kittens from left to right are;

Doklao Blue Thai Adonis (M), Doklao Sanouk (M), Doklao Rama Sura (M), Doklao Mekhala (F), Doklao Somchai (M).

Bella with her kittens, born on the 16th February, 2005

Bella and babies at 1 week

Bella and her kittens at 11 days
and at 2 weeks - they grow so quickly!
at 3 and a bit weeks, things looking interesting!
at 4 weeks, they don't stay still for very long..
5 weeks old and extremely inquisitive
5 and a half weeks old.
At 5 and a half weeks, all the way from quiet to outspoken!
6 weeks old and ready to boogie!
Kittens at play - 7 and a half weeks old.

Bella's Kittens at 8 and a half weeks.

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