Rosie's 6th and Final Litter


Rosie gave birth to 4 female kittens on the 20th August 2008.

Sire is GD Lucky Jumpo Jim (Imp Norway).

Queen is GD DB GD CH Doklao Chintine Blu Rose
Sire is GD Lucky Jumpo Jim (Imp Norway)

Aren't we just adorable at 4 weeks?

2 of Rosie's girls at 5 weeks

And just as cute as can be

Rosie's smallest kitten, affectionately known as 'Pocket Rocket' or PR, died suddenly on Tuesday the 6th October, 2008. Although her life was short, it was precious, and she was such a sweet little girl who will be missed terribly.

Rosie's girls are 10 weeks old

Rosie is now retired, and has gone to live a life of

being spoilt rotten accompanied by one of her girls.

Rosie's 5th Litter

DOB: 12th November, 2007. Rosie had a single kitten on the 12th November.

This is a very special kitten as she carries many of the original Australian Korat lines and imports to Australia.

Sire is Australian Nat DB GD CH NT SV DB GD CH Charlwin Boeotia (Imp UK) who is 18.5 years of age! A very grand old boy.

Australian Nat DB GD CH NT SV DB GD CH Charlwin Boeotia (Imp UK) - Bo

Rosie's baby at 4 weeks.

Rosie's baby at 5 weeks with Doklao Blu Bayu (BB), her best friend Rosie with 7 week old Tia - she is just so cute!!

Tia is 8 weeks old Tia is 11 weeks old and is keeping up with the 'big girls' now

Tia at 12 weeks old with her Mum, Rosie

Rosie's 4th Litter

Rosie had a litter of 5 kittens (3 F & 2 M) on January 9th, 2007

GD CH DOKLAO Chintina Blu Rose

All grown up and ready to go to their new homes, with the exception of Doklao Blu Saffire, who will remain with Eva and Jose.

May these silver blue babies enjoy a happy life in their new homes and may their owners enjoy being owned by a Korat.
Top Platform: Left - Doklao Chao Fa Charles (M) Right - Doklao Fa Ying Koko (F)
Bottom: starting from the Front - Doklao Chao Chom Piam (F), Middle - Doklao Blu Saffire (F) and Back - Doklao Soodsawat Jasper (M)

Rosie's 3rd Litter

Rosie had a litter of seven (4 Females and 3 males) on 21 August, 2005.

Rosie's kittens are: Doklao Blue Marvin,
Doklao Divine Miss G, Doklao Kio-song Lia,
Doklao Khun Sunti, Doklao Miss Boonlva,
Doklao Blue Diva and Doklao Blue Chewbacca.

Rosie's kittens are all going to their new homes next weekend and we would
like to wish them a fond farewell and a very happy life in their new homes.

Rosie's 2nd Litter

Rosie & Manny

Rosie's litter of kittens were born on the 11th April, 2005 to

GD CH DOKLAO Chintina Blu Rose (Rosie) and Ch Starok Cah Mah (Manny)

Manny is owned and bred by Jill Martyn (STAROK)

Rosie (left) and Manny (right) get along famously Manny has the most amazing eye colour
And at 8 weeks without Mum - she must be resting!

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