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DB GD CH Doklao Sang Dao Izzy gave birth to 7 kittens on the 30th November, 2016.
Sire is GD CH Jao Ying Pirous (Imp. Bel)
Mum and babies are doing well.

Izzy's adorable kittens are now 12 weeks old and
will soon be leaving for their new homes

The Thai Connection


Where Are They Now?

In Retirement

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Our names are Eva Krynda and Jose Escoriza, and our small cattery is located in the inner west of Sydney, Australia.

We have been breeding and showing Korats under the Doklao prefix since 1994. Our Korats are very much part of our family and have access to a large enclosed outdoor garden. We have up to four litters of kittens in any one year that we raise inside our home and underfoot with lots of tender loving care and individual attention. Our Korats are provided with a clean and stimulating environment, quality food and veterinary care along with lots of love and human company. We breed for good health and temperament so that others may experience the joy of being owned by a Korat. We also work with breeders around the world to preserve and promote the Korat breed to the public and for showing.

Our association with Korats started in 1992 with our first Korat neuter 'Ziggy'. We wanted a companion for our then ageing toy poodle 'Monty' who had grown up with 'Smokey',  our family cat. While looking for an outgoing breed of cat we saw an advertisement for Korat kittens. At the time our only knowledge about the breed was gleaned from information in cat books. Not long after, we met the little ball of steel wool and it was love at first sight. A delightful and playful boy, Ziggy's antics never failed to amaze us. He had a true Korat temperament - mild, with a will of iron!  Ziggy was not afraid of anything and was convinced that he could do anything he had not previously been told not to, adapted quite easily to new situations, and had good self confidence. Playful, loyal and affectionate, Ziggy became good friends with Monty, our poodle. His premature death left a huge hole in our lives and a determination to learn more about this rare and little know breed.

We acquired our first Korat queen Rursai Dtook Ga Dtah (Zoe) in October 1993. Zoe was nine months old at the time and a bit more reserved than Ziggy.  However, she soon made friends with Monty and taught us everything, and more, about Korats. We had our first Korat litter in January 1994 under the Sommerglen prefix. The six kittens were a delightful introduction to the world of breeding. We kept a neutered male kitten from this litter as a companion for Zoe, and for showing. Sommerglen Yu Lin, or 'Wiggy', was a wonderful pet and a successful show cat, before his untimely death in 1999.

Sadly, Zoe died in November 2004 after a short illness, which she fought with the same courage as she showed in her beautiful life.

SV DB GD CH ACF CH AOE Koorahk Binkys Boy (Binky) left, with Zoe (right). Binky sired most of Zoe's litters. 3 Generations - Supranee (left), Bella (middle) and Zoe (right). (Zoe is Bella's Mum, and Bella is Supranee's Mum)

Best friends Suri and Tia


Now let us tell you a bit about our current Korats:

Our Girls

CCCA CH & GLD DB GD CH DOKLAO Blu Thao Surinari          Female

DOB:15 June 2009


Beautiful Suri

Affectionately called ‘Suri’, this lovely female was named after a famous Thai princess from Korat. Suri loves all types of games and toys. She is an affectionate and friendly Korat with an outgoing personality. Suri has big green expressive eyes, a sweet expression and a lot of silver tipping in her coat.  She has been doing well in shows, winning many top 5 placing’s, and enjoying all the attention from judges and the public.

In 2014 Suri attained the title of CCCA National Champion Suri enjoys being photographed and has been a good ‘cat walk’ model for the 2013, 2014 2015 & 2016 Cat Calendars and Diaries produced by Universal magazines. She lives with Tia and is a good and caring mother to her kittens.

CH Elfi Arinya MORAKOT (import Poland) - (Elfi)    Female

DOB: 17 July 2014


Elfi at home in Australia

  Elfi Arinya MORAKOT

We would like to introduce Elfi Arinya Morakot. This Korat girl recently joined our cattery after making the long journey from Poland to Sydney, Australia. 'Elfi' was bred by Ania Doroszalska and her sire is Nong Noon, a full Thai import. With help from other Korat breeders, Eva accompanied Nong Noon and Mook Mai from Thailand to the EU in November 2012, so this girl is very special to us. Elfi has adjusted well to her new home and is a good playmate to our new kitten Izzy. Elfi is a very playful and gentle girl with a nice silver tipped coat and green eyes. She will make an  excellent addition to our breeding program. Thank you to Ania and Kaja for sending us this very sweet girl.

Elfi (on right, then left, then right) with her best friend, Izzy  

DOKLAO Sang Dao Izzy

Female DOB: 23 April 2015


The effervescent Izzy

Sang Dao ‘Izzy’ is a new addition to our cattery. Suri is Izzy’s mother and Luuk Chai is her sire so she has a long line of prize winning Korats in her pedigree. Izzy is a 5th generation Doklao female. She has an outgoing and friendly personality and is a very happy and playful kitten. Izzy has a beautiful short and silky coat and sweet Korat expression.  Izzy and Elfi are great playmates. In her short time on the show bench Izzy has been a successful show cat and has received praise from judges for her good looks and good show temperament.

CCCA CH & Diamond DB GD CH DOKLAO Blu Tia Stardust       Spay

DOB:12 November 2007   

The gorgeous Tia

Tia is a third generation Doklao queen. She was the only kitten in a litter born to GD DB GD CH Doklao Chintina Blu Rose (Rosie). Tia is always busy and on the go, inventing new games and getting up to mischief.  She has a lovely short coat, sweet expression and luminous green eyes. Tia loves to meet and greet visitors and is especially fascinated by children. Show judges especially like her silky coat and beautiful green eye colour.  Unfortunately, Tia had to be spayed after her first litter of kittens. Tia is Suri’s mother and they are inseparable.

Tia has enjoyed a successful show career as a spay. Her significant show wins include Best in Show Spay in over 10 NSW shows under both local and international judges. Also Best Spay Cat at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Tia is now in semi retirement from showing and enjoys spending time with Suri and her kittens.


Our Boys

CCCA CH and GLD DB GD CH Doklao Luuk Chai       Male

DOB: 2nd April 2012


Luuk Chai is well received on the show bench

Luuk Chai is growing up to be a very handsome boy

Luuk Chai at 10 months old and weighing 5kgs is something of a 'gentle giant'

The adorable Luuk Chai

 Luuk Chai means ‘son’ in Thai and as Ash was his father, it seemed a very appropriate name for our new stud. This boy is very muscular and solid with a nice silver sheen to his coat. He is a gentle giant playful, friendly and very outgoing. Luuk Chai wants to be everyone’s friend and loves to be the centre of attention at all times. He has sired some lovely kittens with ‘Suri’including Doklao Sang Dao Izzy.

Luuk Chai is a very successful show cat winning many top placing under both local and international judges. His most notable recent win was at the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show where he was awarded Best Entire Shorthaired Cat in Ring 1 by a respected international judge. In 2014 Luuk Chai attained the title of National Champion and achieved enough show credits to be awarded 2nd Best Shorthaired Male in the Cat of the Year points score. Luuk Chai has continued to enjoy success on the show bench in 2016.


The Other Boy "Stevie"

DOB: 14th January 2008

Stevie the Selkirk Rex

Stevie is a vasectomised longhaired Selkirk Rex who joined our cattery in May 2014. He was bred by Andrew White, Frascott Cattery. Stevie is a happy and friendly boy with a shaggy white and cream coat. He enjoys his daily grooming sessions and in spending time with the girls when required.

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