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 Elfi and Luuk Chai
Elfi Arinya Morakot* PL had a litter on 7 August, 2017.
It was a complicated delivery and we have two kittens.

CH Elfi Arinya MORAKOT (import Poland) - (Elfi)   and CCCA GD CH and GLD DB GD CH Doklao Luuk Chai  

Elfi and her two newborn kittens

Elfi and her 1 week old kittens are getting some assistance from her BFF, Izzy

Elfi's girls at two weeks old, so very cute and adorable

And at 3 weeks, just getting even cuter.

Elfi's 4 week old kittens growing up under Mum's watchful eyes

Elfi's beautiful girls at 5 weeks old

These two sweet girls are 6 weeks old

7 weeks old and are just way too cute!

Elfi's girls are 8 weeks old

Elfi's little darlings are 9 weeks old


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