Tia's Kittens

 Tia had 5 kittens on June 15th, 2009.

There are 4 Males and 1 Female and Mum and babies are doing well.

Sire: Ratchasima (Aust) Chao Fah Jotto

Tia, a 1st time Mum with her new babies
Tia's babies are 1 week old

 Tia's kittens at 2 week old

  Mum somewhere under her 3 week old kittens   So cute at 3 weeks       

 Curious to explore at 4 weeks  No rest for Mum now they are 4 weeks 

 Cute as buttons at 5 weeks  They are 6 weeks and getting serious..well..

With Mum at 7 weeks old Growing so fast - 8 weeks old

All paying attention at 9 weeks old  and again at 10 weeks

 From left to right:
Doklao Blu Jaka (M)
Doklao Blu Anada Baliss (M)
Doklao Blu Fa Ying Mali (F)
Doklao Blu Starbuck Jack (M)
Doklao Blu Thao Surinari (F)


We wish them, and their new owners, all the very best for their future together.