B-B's 4th Litter

 BB & Yindee

BZ DB GD CH Doklao Blu Bayu  BZ DB GD CH and US CH Pewterpaws
Blue Yindee Sumatra
BB with her kitten  BB curled up with her 1 week old kitten

BB's kitten discovers laces  BBs kitten at 4 weeks is just adorable

BB with her little girl who is 5 weeks old BB's kitten at 6.5 weeks old, just so cute!

BB and her 10 week old kitten Doklao Blu Dream Mitzi
just before leaving to live with their new owners. 
We wish them a long and happy life with their new family.


B-B's 3rd Litter

BB and Ash
B-B gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens on July 13th, 2010.

DB GD CH Doklao Blu Bayu  Honeymooners CH Doklao Blueberry Ash

BB is a proud Mum with her one day old babies

BB with her one week old babies
BB's babies are two weeks old   Three weeks old babies with their proud Mum 

Mum with 4 week babies   The babies are getting around now 

Very Cute kitties are 5 weeks old

6 weeks old already  And 6 weeks means on the move!

Mum relaxing with her 7 week old babies  8 week old kittens resting...for now

Nearly 9 wks old and getting serious now  The kittens are 11 weeks old and will be setting
 off to their new homes in a few weeks

They are from Left to Right:

Doklao Blu Kanita (F) Doklao Koko Sheba (F) Doklao Blu Musket (M)
Doklao Blu Priya (F) Doklao Taitai Chaka (M)



B-B's 2nd Litter

BB and Yindee

Pewterpaws Blue Yindee Sumatra (Imp USA)

 B-B and her new 4 kittens  B-B's kittens are 1 week old

B-B's babies are already 2 weeks old  '4 little boys are we' at 3 weeks old

Santy Paws kitties are 4 weeks old  BB's kittens at 5 weeks

BB's boys at 6 weeks old 9 weeks old and cute as buttons

BB's boys are already 10 weeks old

The kittens say goodbye as they leave for their new homes

From left to right:
Doklao Miristi Khola (M) has gone to to live in Glebe, Sydney with Jo & Kieran
Doklao Khin Sanda (M) has gone to live in Orange , NSW with Lilian & Kevin
Doklao Blu Kieran (M) is going to live in Preston, Melbourne with Vanessa
Doklao Blu Banjo (M) will be travelling to Finland to live with Outi Niemi
and be part of their Korat breeding program


B-B's 1st Litter

BB and Yindee

Ch Doklao Blu Bayu (BB)

BZ DB GD CH & US CH Pewterpaws
Blue Yindee Sumatra

BB looking very relaxed as a first time 'Mum" with her 5 new babies
How cute are we at 3 weeks?

BB & her 4 week old kittens, being assisted by her best friend, Tia.
Four of BB's kittens at 5 weeks
BB's 3 female kittens at 6 weeks
7 weeks - cute as buttons
BB's kittens are already 8 weeks old
BB and her 11 week old kittens
We are 11 weeks old

The kittens are all grown up and leaving home and we wish
a very happy life with their new families

Doklao Vader Savannah F (back)
Doklao Tashi Lawan F (from right to left)
Doklao Chudamani Pinklao M; and
Doklao Indigo Klahan M


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