Lily's Kittens

Lily's 4th and Final Litter

Lily and Binky

Lilyput had 5 kittens on March 26th 2009 by C-section.

There are 4 Males and 1 Female and Mum and babies are doing well.

Lilyput and her kittens at 3 days old
Lilyput with her babies at 1 week old

Mum and 10 day old babies
Lily's babies have their eyes open now

Mum opens the 'milkbar'

Starting to explore at 3 weeks old
Big wide world for a 3wk old kitten

Lily's precious crew at 4 weeks
We are just over 5 weeks old now

Lily's little darlings at 6 weeks
With their Mum at 6 weeks old

Lily's kitties at 7 weeks
Here we are at 8 weeks old

Lily's 2 boys at 9 weeks The whole crew at 9 weeks

Catching some sun at 11 weeks old From Left to Right:
Doklao Blueberry Ash (M)
Doklao Blu Mittens (F)
Doklao Talal Al Azraq (M)
Doklao Tom Yum (M)
Doklao Blu Claude Misco (M)


3rd Litter

Lilyput gave birth to her 3rd litter of 4 kittens, sired by Yindee, on January 28th, 2008.

Lilyput & Yindee

GD CH KOBALT Moonlight Lily

It is time to say good by as the kittens starting leaving for their new homes.

Right to left (2 kittens)
Doklao Blu Dorian (M) and Doklao Blu Miadena (F)
- will live as much loved pets with
Mark and Carolynne in Newcastle NSW

Left to right: (2 kittens)
Doklao Sabienne D'Aussie (F) and Doklao Newspirit from Oz (M)
- will soon bee leaving to live in Norway to be part of the
Korat breeding program for Dala Speed and Dongala Catteries

Sabienne at 12 weeks old Newspirit at 12 weeks old

2nd Litter

Lily and Yindee

Lilly gave birth to 6 kittens on Saturday March 31st, 2007.

Doklao Jalia Yutampo (left) and Doklao Jalia Haramiki (right) will be living in Tokyo, Japan.
Doklao Sawadee Meow Rat will be living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Doklao Mikki Jai (M) and Doklao Lilli Blu (F) are living with a family in Sydney. Doklao Aussie Blu Bill at 3.5 months old is a beautiful boy with a good show temperament and a wonderful disposition. He will be going to a family in Singapore and will have two Siamese boys and a Korat girl, Miu Miu, for company

The kittens are leaving for new homes both locally and abroad.

We wish them a happy and long life and look forward to hearing about their adventures.

1st Litter

Lily's litter of six kittens (3 M & 3F) were born on Sunday 26 March 2006.

The kittens are leaving for new homes in Sydney and abroad.

May they have a long and happy life with their new families from Eva & Jose and the Doklao clan.

They are: (from left, to right)

Doklao Achor Rex (M) - back
Blu Bingley (M) - front
Doklao Kanga Blu Charmer (F) - top
Doklao Ellie Belle (F) - middle
Doklao Coco Madee (F) - bottom
Doklao Niran Chopper (M) - right

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