In Retirement

POISON'S Ying Yai (Yoyo)          Female

DOB: 7 December 2009

 Delightful Yoyo

'Yoyo’, as we call her, arrived from Finland in September 2010. She was bred by Outi Niemi and with recent Thai Korat lines in her pedigree, was an important addition to our breeding program. Yoyo is a very sweet and affectionate female with a nice temperament. She is very elegant with a solid build, a nice silky coat and a beautiful expression. Yoyo is the mother of our stud CCCA CH & GD DG GD CH Doklao Luuk Chai our and our now retired queen Doklao Blu Thai Mimi.
Yoyo  was retired from breeding in 2015. She was recently adopted by Kristen and gets lots of personalised attention and TLC in well earned retirement.

DOKLAO Blu Thai Mimi (female)

DOB: 7 February 2013

Lovely Mimi

Mimi and her son Mee Law

Affectionately known as 'Mimi', this young Korat female is a very playful and energetic girl with big expressive eyes, a muscular body and a close lying coat. To make way for our new arrival from the EU, Mimi was retired from showing and breeding in 2015. Mimi and her son, Doklao Mee Law, now live with a family of long time Korat owners in Bungendore NSW.

BZ DB GD CH DOKLAO Blu Bayu      Female

DOB: 5 August 2007

Beautiful BB

Know as B-B, she is the daughter of GLD DB GD CH Ratchasima (Aust) Gi-Gi Moon Dancer. She is a playful and affectionate girl with a soft doe eyed expression.  B-B can be reserved around strangers until she gets to know them.  BB was recently retired from the show bench and breeding and now lives with her kitten Doklao Blu Dream Mitzi.  They were both adopted by Carol and John McGregor and now live in Bowral NSW. 

In retirement BB enjoys bird watching through the window and playing with her daughter Mitzi.

BB, Mitzi and Oscar enjoying their 'playground' 


BB and Mitzi 

DB GD CH KOBALT Moonlight Lily (Imp Germany)               SPAY

DOB: 25th October 2004

Sweet Lily

Lily with her breeder Bernd Pollesche

The lovely Lily  Lily's son, Tom  Lily & Tom   

'Lilyput ', as we like to call her, came to us from Germany in August 2005.  She was bred by Bernd Pollesche.  Lilyput is a friendly, playful and affectionate Korat girl with a lot of silver tipping to her coat.  Lilyput produced some beautiful kittens with Yindee and her offspring have travelled to Japan, Norway Singapore and Canada. 

At shows she gained much praise from the judges winning Best Female Cat, Ring 1 at the NSW CFA No Frills Show in 2008.  She was a wonderful addition to our breeding program and is the mother of our young stud boy Doklao Blueberry Ash.  Lilyput has been retired from showing and breeding.  Lilyput and one of her kittens Doklao Tom Yum were adopted by Eric in June 2009.  As the photos show Lilyput and Tom are very contented in their new home.

GLD DB GD CH RATCHASIMA (Aust) Gi-Gi Moon Dancer

DOB: 30th April 2002

Rosie enjoying retirement with Seni

Gi-Gi is a very elegant and well-proportioned girl with a sweet expression and a very short and silky coat. She always tried to be first at the door to greet any visitors and was a happy, outgoing and friendly cat. Gi-Gi had five litters of kittens and was a wonderful mother with her own kittens as well others including our little rescue kitty Lucky Star. She also had a very successful show career winning many awards including runner up Best Shorthair Female at the Sydney Royal Easter show 2004, and Best Group 3 Female (Ring 2) at the St George Show 2005. Gi-Gi was retired from breeding and showing in 2007 and now lives with her offspring Seni and her new adoptive family, Andrew and Anya. Gi-Gi was bred by Elaine Vincent of Ratchasima Korats.

GD DB GD CH DOKLAO Chintina Blu Rose

DOB: 27th March 2003

Relaxing together

Rosie is the daughter of GD DB GD CH Doklao Bella Blu from a litter of seven. She is a beautiful Korat girl who was retired from breeding and showing in 2008 after distinguished career in both. During that time she had six litters of lively kittens and some of her significant show wins include 3rd Best Female (Ring 1) Sydney Royal Easter Show 2006, Reserve In Show at the Exotic Cat Club of Qld Show 2006 and Best Female Cat (Ring 1), at the 2007 St George Show. Rosie is a very cuddly and affectionate girl. She loves any games that involve toys. She is social girl who enjoys spending time with her daughter Wiggy and with Bernie and Kevin, her new adoptive family. Both Rosie and Wiggy have settled in well with their new family and provide them with lots of Korat fun and companionship.


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