Dixie's 1st Litter

Dixie gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens on the 19th September 2018.

DOKLAO Blu Dixie Belle    CCCA CH & SV DB GD CH Doklao Chanarong Zachary

Dixie settling in with her newborn babies.

Dixie with her week old kittens, is adapting well to being a new mum.


Dixie's precious babies are 2 weeks old

Here we are at 3 weeks old

Tough to get them all looking at the camera when they are 4 weeks old and on the move!

At 5 weeks old, Dixie's babies are into exploring... everything!

At 6 weeks old we are just too cute!

Growing up very fast and now we are 7 weeks old.

These little babies, at 8 weeks old, are a real delight.

We are 9 weeks old and full of cuteness.

Dixie's kittens are 10 weeks old

It's time to say goodbye to Dixie's kittens and wish them
a long and happy life with their new families

Doklao Blu Draco (M) and Doklao Blu Topaz (F) are
going to live with a young family in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Doklao Blu Leonardo (M) will live in an adult household in Panania, NSW.
"Leo" will be a pet/show Korat.

Doklao Blu Rocket (M) and Doklao Blu Starfire (F)
will live with a young family in Seaforth, NSW.

Doklao Blu Klahan Alfie (M) will live with a mature Korat girl,
Wiggy, and their two human servants.



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