Izzy's 2nd Litter

Izzy gave birth to 6 kittens in the early hours of Sunday morning, the 17th December.

There were six blue angels but, sadly, on 11 January 2018,
one little one chose to fly away to chase butterflies over the rainbow bridge.

DB GD CH Doklao Sang Dao Izzy


Izzy and her 6 newborn kittens

Izzy and her 2 weeks old kittens

Izzy's 3 week old babies are keeping her very busy

Izzy's babies are 4 weeks old and are starting to move around

Izzy's kiitens at 5 weeks old, still like spending time at the 'milk bar'.

At 6 weeks old, Izzy's kittens seem to have made friends with a very big mousey!

Izzy's sweet babies are 7 weeks now.

Izzy's kittens are becoming very active at 8 weeks old.

Izzy's kittens are 9 weeks old and growing up very quickly

Izzy's babies are 10 weeks old.
Right photo, top to bottom are green, blue, pink, purple and white

It's time to say goodbye to Izzy's babies. We wish them all the very best
as they leave for their new homes.

Pink (F) Doklao Blu Kanda Sasha will live in the Ilawarra shire with a young couple and a Siamese neuter
(F) Doklao Blu Yukiko will  live on Sydney’s lower North Shore with a family and Emi, a Korat spay
(F) Doklao Blue Grace will live on the South Coast of NSW with an animal lover, her litter brother Matisse
and a
menagerie of other critters
Green (M) Doklao Blu Matisse will live on the South Coast of NSW with an animal lover, his litter sister Gracie
and a menagerie of other critters
Blue (M) Doklao Blu Baloo
will live on Sydney’s North Shore with a a family including three teenage children

Izzy's 1st Litter

DB GD CH Doklao Sang Dao Izzy gave
birth to 7 kittens on the 30th November, 2016.

DB GD CH Doklao Sang Dao Izzy

Izzy settling in as a first time Mum with her 7 newborn kittens.

Izzy is proving to be a dedicated Mum to her 1 week old kittens

Izzy feeling quite relaxed in her new role, with her 2 week old kittens

Izzy's 7 little balls of fur at 2 weeks

Izzy's babies at 3 weeks, starting to move around and hard to get a non blurry photo of them!!

Izzy's kittens, at 4 weeks, a proving a challenge to photograph
One of Izzy's little darlings at 4 weeks old

Izzy is such a good Mum. She is doing remarkably well and her 5 week old kittens are growing up quickly.

Izzy's kittens are 6 weeks old and truly adorable

Izzy's kittens are 7 weeks old. The boys are in the brown, blue, green and red collars. The girls are in the pink, purple and orange collars.

Izzy's best friend, Elfi, has decided to help with her 8 week old kittens.

Izzy's kittens at 9 weeks, just when you think they can't be any cuter :)

And the whole litter at 10 weeks old

Here are Izzy's 3 girls (left) and her 4 boys (right) at 11 weeks old

Time to say Goodbye and may all the kittens have a long and happy life with their new families!

Brown (M) Samran Chai Sun and Red (M) Itsara Chai Sun will live with a family in Brisbane
Blue (M) Alfred Yul Bongo will move in with a family and Haloumi, a DSH, in Alexandra, NSW
Green (M) Doklao Blu Floki has been adopted by a family in Seven Hills with two older canines and a young DSH, Felicity
Purple (F) Doklao Blu Star Gigi will live with a family in Melbourne with a young Korat boy, Willow,  and two small pug dogs
Orange (F) Doklao Blu Nessa will live in a family of long time cat lovers in Newcastle, NSW
Pink (F) Doklao Blu Miss Chloe has been adopted by a young family in Googong, NSW

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