Gi-gi's 5th Litter

Gi-gi gave birth to 5 healthy kittens on the 5th August, 2007.

This Doklao litter is leaving for new homes soon.

Left to Right

Blu Tiger Silver Star (F), Blu Bayu (F), Blu Seni Misha (M), Blu Sheikh (M), Blu Otto (M)


Gi-gi's 4th Litter

was born on the 7th October 2006

The kittens at 12 weeks old

The kittens will soon be leaving for their new homes in Australia and abroad.
May they have a long and happy life with their new families - from Eva & Jose and the Doklao clan.

They are:

Doklao Si Fah Chai Son (Male) - left
Doklao MiuMiu Moonshadow (Female) - centre
Doklao Chesda (Male) - right

Gi-gi's 3rd Litter

was born on the 9th December 2005

All grown up and leaving home.

May these silver blue babies enjoy a happy life in their new homes and may their owners enjoy being owned by a Korat.

From left to right

Doklao Virote Platinum Blue (M) - Back
Doklao Sprocket Gomez (M) - Front
Doklao Amy Suchin (F) - far back
Doklao Boo Mojo (M)
Doklao Pluto Bloo (M) - far right

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